Does FUCHSIA ruled over Android

Fuchsia defines the new OS for various smart devices and it’s a new evolution of technology or upcoming operating system; Fuchsia is a Google’s new product which is very advance , smart and easy to use.  Large team of developers works on it to make a future of smart speaker’s, computers, smart phones and smart television’s operating system.

End of Android is possible?

Android operating system is introduced in September 2008 by Google. Android ruled over the market till now. The global market share of android is about 85%. Android is very popular in urban as well as in rural area. Android operating system has user friendly and easy user interface so that anyone can easily understood its functionality but as we all know that everything has limitations.

So, the android operating system also had many limitations such as heating problem in phones, smooth multitasking and many more. Everyone wants something new as they are using android from the decade therefore it is possible that Fuchsia can ruled over Android after 5 to 6 years just like Android ruled over old mobile operating systems such as Symbian, windows and blackberry.

There is not 100% possibility that Android will be vanished as users are familiar with it and every new thing takes time to be succeed and Android already have a good market.

Basic Difference between Fuchsia and Android:-

Just like Android, Fuchsia is also a open source and freeware Operating System. Android operating system is based on Linux kernel, but for Fuchsia Google develops his awn customized kernel Zircon; hich is designed to be more constantly upgradeable and provide more security.

Feature Of Fuchsia:-

  1. It’s user interface and apps are written with “Flutter”.
  2. Flutter provide cross platform ability for Fuchsia.
  3. Provide high performance that run at 120 frames per second.
  4. Due to the Flutter software development kit offering cross-platform opportunities, users are able to install parts of Fuchsia on Android devices.
  5. Split-screen view for viewing multiple apps at once.
  6. Support for multiple mouse pointers.

And many more features you will know when it launch.

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